Sunday, May 3, 2009

Around the Garden

Chucks Flower Buds Are Forming

Alright- Things have been happening around the garden at a nice pace. Things are growing- things are thriving, and so far- everyone is happy and healthy.
Above is "Chuck" The Cherry Tomato. He is doing really well, and has probably almost doubled in height. You can also see that he is starting to get some flower buds on him. This photo was taken a few days ago, and the flowers are looking much more plump, and white tipped as of today, and I am hoping that I will have full fledged flowers pretty soon. Then it is just a waiting game of how long it takes for the tomatoes to form.
Here is Chandler looking bright red and tasty! This photo was also taken about 5 or 6 days ago, and those 2 red berries have already been harvested and enjoyed. It is important to remember to let the strawberries develop a full and deep red color before plucking them from the plant. Unlike Tomatoes- Strawberries will not get any redder and so make sure they are where you want them before harvesting them.
Chandler is doing Quite well, and is producing flowers and berries at a rapid rate. I think that I will have about another 4 or 5 berries to pick in the next few days.
I will post again soon on the growing conditions, but I will also be posting some "feature" posts about my tools that I am finding useful, and also some of the new items that are lurking around the Garden. Stay tuned!

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  1. Well, things are looking good. I seem to remember that flowering and producing plants are female. Hopefully "Chuck" won't mind.



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