Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sad- very sad!

The State of my Garden is looking sad. Above is "chuck" the tomato.... and this was 2 months ago. He is now Bigger, "Leggier" and paler. And also, there is almost no tomatoes left. There are a few new small green ones, and a few yellow buds on the top, but it really just looks sad.

The pepper plant is ok. The pepper doesn't seem to be growing, but it is not dying either. All my Lettuce (or at least most of it) has now bolted (again) and I think that was the last of the salad for us. The Basil and Chives are alive, but mostly bolted and unusable. All the Beans and Peas have died and I have harvested all the left over pods that I dried and I am saving the seeds for next spring. The cuke is doing ok, but is probably on his last Cuke as we speak...... Harvest time is almost over in the garden, and the beds are getting more and more empty and sad looking. At least I am planning for next year, and since I have pretty much been forbidden from getting Chickens while in this house, I can take over more space for gardening next spring. I was "saving" the space for a coup, but it seems that I will not be needing it now. Maybe some corn next year would be good......?

Anyway- sorry about the lack of posts, but really- there has been a big lack of things to talk about due to the lack of harvest. I have been making some pasta sauce lately with all the tomatoes from a friend, and I will soon post the recipe on the cooking blog - so look for it there :)

During the winter I will be constructing more planters, and will post about them, along with more "tech" on gardening- the tools, the resources, the planning and so on.... so stay tuned!

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