Saturday, December 26, 2009

Winter-Time is Here!

Well- no Photo today- but it is probably for the best.
Winter has fallen outside, and so has the lush green of my Garden. The only thing still out there that has not died, or been pulled out yet is "Chandler" the strawberry (and he is doing quite well!) and "Chuck" the cherry tomato- who is on his way out quickly. We have had some frosts already (that didn't last more than overnight) but that is about the end of Chuck.

I am already planning for next Spring, and I have some plant and seed lists written up, some rudimentary planter box layouts drawn, and plans for building 1 or 2 more planter Boxes. I will share the drawings when I get them settled in my mind where I want them.

For Christmas I received a wonderful gift from my grandmother, a Large Green metal garden cart that has sides that will fold down, huge strong tires, and it will hold up to 400 lbs. So no more hauling huge bags of soil from my car, all the way around the side yard and into the garden. I am SUPER excited about this gift, and I am looking forward to putting it together soon.

Well- that is about it for the Garden for now- but I will be letting you know when I update my garden plans and will show you all my progress that is coming along!

Happy gardening!

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